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About Us

The realization of the “QueenB” dream began with a passion fostered by three diverse women who had a similar struggle to find the right hairpieces to complete their quintessential beauty routine.


With a marketing and accountant background and with a creative eye from Caroline Michael we knew we had a winning combination. It took quiet a strenuous team effort to scan through research to find the perfect South African stylist that fit in with what we were trying to achieve.


With the amazing portfolio of Caroline Michael, who’s featured in shows such as Top Billing, Eastern Mosaic, The Business Coach as well as international covers such as Pelugerias (Spain), Image Magazine (SA), Intercoiffuer (international) and Marie Claire. Caroline has also been involved in various exclusive fashion shows such as the D.C.C (Durban Designers Collection), Miss India S.A and the Durban Fashion week we were amazed!


When approaching Caroline about sharing her knowledge into the hair extension industry she really blew us back. We then knew that she possessed the missing link that we needed to tie this synergetic brand together.


Caroline Michael also has the following titles under her success belt:

- Winner of Hairstylist of The Year

- Winner of Avant Garde Hairstylist of The Year

- Winner of L’Oreal Colour Trophy


Together with her knowledge and flair she came to perfect the technique by investing months of research in testing the hair and with the help of a reputable supplier she has managed to produce a premium professional brand of hair extensions, QueenB Hair Extensions.


At the moment Caroline is also in partnership with Innovation Hair Company and founding partner at Innovation Hair Company situated in LaLucia Mall.


Meet the Rest Of The Team: 

Eve Anthony

Eve Anthony is a successful entrepreneur and business accountant for the past 15 years. She operates an accounting practise’ House Of Finance’ in Cape Town. Eve Anthony, brings with her a wealth of knowledge in the management and financial skills required in running QueenB. By implementing strategic analysis and business planning, Eve is tasked with developing QueenB in being one of the leaders in the Hair Industry.

Naasirah Samsodien

Naasirah Samsodien is the youngest of the QueenB team. Having completed her studies at Vega, The school of brand communication in 2013 she possesses the necessary brand building skills to manage our public relations, marketing and sales division for QueenB Hair Extensions.